Organization XIII
Number VIII
Title The Flurry of Dancing Flames
Weapon Chakram
Attribute Fire
First Appearance Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories
Original name Lea
World Castle Oblivion,The World That Never Was

Axel is know for his fiery attacks and his oddly shaped weapons(Chakrams). He is stated in several Journal entries as lashing out against betrayal while stirring up trouble in his own spare time. He was best friends with Roxas before Castle Oblivian and afterwards Xion was included as she had formed a friendship with Roxas while he was away. Roxas suggested they all hang out together. He started betraying and going against Xemnas and the Organization after Roxas left. He began to help Sora because of his relationship with Roxas. During the time he was changing he seemed somewhat insane. He is said to hold a connection to Sora that was never really explained but may be interpeted as The Roxas Factor connection. He is the Trump card for the organization in the Chain of Memories games.


He is often portrayed in fan art to be gay along with Roxas. Wether this is true is unknown. There does nto appear to be any evidence to support these theories. Another fan pairing is Larxene and still there is not concrete evidence to support this. The closest to evidence we have is Larxene trying to flirt with Axel in the Chain of Memory games. He doesn't seem to notice.

The Roxas Factor

Axel mentored Roxas when he joined the organization. He didn't think much of him at first, but as time progressed they became the best of friends. They even ate Sea-salt icecream atop Twilight town's clock tower. It is often speculated among the fanbase that the relationship was more than just friendship. Fan art and fanfics depict Axel and Roxas on a romantic level. There is no concrete evidence that drives you to immediately believe this was anymore than brotherly love. The SoraxRiku connection bears similar resemblance to the RoxasxAxel factor. It is commonly shown among the Kingdom hearts games that Sora actively search for both Kairi and Riku at the same level. So it should be clear that the AxelxRoxas relationship could very well be nothing more than friendship. He never concerns for Roxas on a clear romantic relationship level. But make of it what you may.