Sora in KH 2
Titles The Keyblade Wielder
Gender Male
First appearance KH 1
Appears in KH 1,KH: COM,KH 2
weapon Keyblade
world Destiny Island

Sora is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts,Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II. He is the Keyblade wielder of light.

He may be the protagonist of the series but he is the antagonist of the Organization he always gets in the way with the organization he and his furry little friends killed all members of the Organization. He is the one who did not give up when he received the Keyblade because of his beloved Kairi.


Kingdom HeartsEdit


In Kingdom Hearts Sora a 14 year old boy was just like any other islander but he had a adventure a head of him one strange wee he received all these freaky dreams which involved the keyblade. When he awakens on the beach from his dream Kairi is behind him giggling from his shock. Sora then starts to talk to Kairi about their personal life. Then suddenly Riku, Sora's best friend arrives and tosses a stump so he can start to work on the boat that will lead them away from the islands to explore and see other worlds different from the islands. In that fact they maybe will never see their parents again. When Sora finally collects all the parts he goes to the back of the island where Riku is and he holds something in his hand its a star shaped ornament which is called a Papuu fruit which is a sign for forever love and whoever can make it the fastest to kairi gets to give it to her. Sora wins but he never gives it to Kairi until the night that they are about to leave on their raft. Kairi then decides that it would be best if held on to it just in case that they get separated in this mission. Sora agrees. On a strange night of a thunder storm he lies on his bed thinking of what might happened tomorrow. When suddenly his mom calls him for supper. He then hears a loud bang of noise coming from outside his window he suddenly remembers that the raft is out their and instead of having super he rushes out of his bedroom to go outside. Suddenly the keyblade that appears in his dreams appears in his hands and all of these figures appear which are known as the Heartless.