Xaldin, Organization XIII's Whirlwind Lancer
Titles Whirlind Lancer
Gender Male
First appearance Kingdom Hearts 2
Appears in Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
number III
weapon Lances
attribute Wind
world The World That Never Was


Xaldin is a high-ranking and independent Organization member, working alone for the entirety of his presence in Kingdom Hearts II. Xaldin is sadistic and revels in despair, attempting to cause hopelessness for Beast both in the castle and by taunting him and Sora during their fight. He is tall, strongly built, and very acrobatic, and his physical capabilities are greatly enhanced by his control of the attribute of wind, which he can use to maneuver himself into a variety of attacks. Interestingly enough some of Xaldin's in battle quotes and the delivery of his lines seem to give him a sense of meaninglessness or boredom (emphasized by the fact that he will hold his arms behind his back in scenes, and even in battle).