Xigbar, Organization XIII's Freeshooter
Titles Freeshooter
Gender Male
First appearance Kingdom Hearts 2
Appears in Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
number II
weapon Gun Arrows
attribute Space
world The World That Never Was

Xigbar is Number II in the Organization. He will be a playable Character in the new game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days which release date is still unknown.

Kingdom Hearts 2Edit

Hollow BastionEdit

Xigbar first appears to Sora with the rest of the Organization while they mock him but when they all disappear. Xigbar appears to the right of Sora and still mocks him. He also makes openly compares the similarities between a look Sora gives him and one given to him by another, presumably Roxas; Sora dismisses this as random daunting banter. Xigbar then leaves, staying out of Sora's way for a peculiarly long time.

The Land of The DragonsEdit

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Xigbar second time he appears to Sora is at The Land of The Dragons. While Sora is being very clueless and thinks it Riku He takes of his hood and Sora sees how that it wasn't Riku. Xigbar then summons many Snipers to deal with Sora while he escapes. after Sora defeats them all he then notices Xigbar leaving and try to catch up with him but when he goes out he notices that he disappeared.

The World That Never WasEdit

Xigbar appears when Sora and companions can't destroy any of the Heartless and they are surrounded and purple lasers fall from the sky. They all look up to see Xigbar who starts to speak and then Sora ask "Are you done rambling yet?!" and then Xigbar replies that he "doesn't ramble" and that he's trying to tell him that his time is up. After a long and painful battle Xigbar begins to fade and says "Why Roxas?" and then Sora starts to get mad because he knows that he's Sora and not Roxas. And then he asks him why he called him Roxas and he replies "Wouldn't you like to know?" and then he fades into darkness.


Xigbar is very free willing yet very serious when it comes to battle. He seems to be a very old Organization member because of his gray hair. He may also be a pirate because of his scar and eye patch. He is a very big joker.

Fighting StyleEdit

Xigbar consist of two Gun Arrows that shoot purple arrows. In Battle he usually hangs upside down and snipes enemies with his gun arrows. Xigbar teleports from place to place because of his powers over space. He controls the snipers out of all the nobodies.